Weekly Grounds Maintenance

Our well-trained maintenance professionals will keep your lawn and landscape in optimal shape through monitoring and proper lawn and land care techniques.

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When compared to dry seeding, hydroseeding has better moisture retention and healthier growth of grass. The benefits make this one of the most preferred methods of seeding lawns.

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Annual Flower Programs

DeStefano Landscape & Snow Company will replace any dead flowers for fresh flowers five times a year, on dates you select. Did we mention ONLY fresh, seasonal flowers?

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Fall Clean Ups

DeStefano Landscape offers fall clean up services that not only makes the garden easy to maintain after winter, but also helps in keeping the place hygienic.

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Turf Fertilization

Lawns grow best in nutrient rich soil. With effective fertilization, nutrients such as potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus are pumped back into the ground, giving your lawn renewed beauty.

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Aeration is the process of perforating the soil in order to allow nutrients, water and air to penetrate into it. As the roots of the grass become stronger, your lawn becomes healthy again.

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Professional Lawn Spraying

Slice Seeding

After your complete slice seeding it’s important to maintain a steady watering schedule for three weeks after the job is performed to make sure the seeds properly germinate.

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Tired of patchy grass in your lawn?Perhaps it’s time for lawn overseeding! This can make a huge difference to your lawn, turning it from dry and patchy to vibrant and healthy.

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