Risk Management

Managing the risk inherent with snow and ice management services encompasses a series of pro-active steps taken PRIOR to the occurrence of winter events.

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Weather Monitoring

Monitoring weather forecasts and conditions requires technology and trained personnel. We all that, PLUS 15 years of experience AND expertise. Don’t be taken by surprise!

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Snow truck cleaning snow from the road and streets

Snow Plowing

At DeStefano Landscape, we have a variety of backup equipment to help out in larger snowstorms and the expertise to handle any size snow plowing project.

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Walkway Cleaning

We apply highly-effective de-icing materials on sidewalks that able to melt snow or ice in temperatures as low as -35 degrees Fahrenheit, while keeping it eco-friendly!

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When ice forms, the game changes. We treat ice and the threat thereof, with absolute caution and focus. Roadways, docks, decks, public centers, driveways and walkways.

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Snowplows do not address the slippery conditions left behind after plowing, dangerous freezing rain, and refreezing of moisture on your parking lots and sidewalks.

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Snow Relocation

At DeStefano Landscape, we have multiple snow service options and the right equipment necessary for efficient snow relocation or snow hauling services.

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Snow Hauling

With a combination of plows, pushers, loaders, and dump trucks—all working in tandem—we can haul snow as quickly as it is plowed and move it to its final destination.

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Snow Blowing

We modify all equipment to make sure the service is provided efficiently and effectively. All tractors have teflon installed under blower to ensure no damage to driveways or walkways.

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Snow Dump Sites

At Destefano Landscape, we will always provide prompt, reliable service that will ensure that not only can your customers reach you, but they will do so safely and without delay.

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