Aeration is the process of perforating the soil in order to allow nutrients, water and air to penetrate into it. As the roots of the grass become stronger, your lawn becomes healthy again.

If your lawn looks unhealthy in spite of regular watering and maintenance, it could be because of inadequate aeration. Over time, soil gets compacted and the amount of air, nutrients and water penetrating into the soil reduces. As a result, the grass ceases to be healthy.

We begin by analyzing your lawn and evaluating its condition in order to plan the most effective aeration process. This basic evaluation helps us decide on the best type of aeration for the lawn.

The most common aeration method is to extract small turf patches from the lawn. These patches gradually breakdown, allowing air and nutrients into the soil. In some cases, plugs need to be installed in the soil to enable better air circulation.

  • Avoid soil compaction and the harms that it causes
  • Better nutrient absorption by the soil
  • Better exchange of air between soil and atmosphere
  • Thicker, healthier and more uniform turf
  • Enhanced water usage
  • Better thatch breakdown
  • Better drainage

At DeStefano Landscape, we offer different types of lawn aerating services such as:

  • Liquid aeration
  • Deep plug aeration
  • Aeration with fertilization
  • Aeration with overseeding

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