When the snow finally melts away across the Massachusetts landscape, it exposes the hidden evidence of several months of wind and ice storms. DeStefano Landscape offers spring cleanups to clear the lawn from weeds and other debris to get your residential or commercial property looking outstanding.

When spring sets in across the state, we are equipped to remove and dispose of the leaves, giving your place a freshly maintained appeal.

  • Fertilization care
  • Leaf blowing and raking
  • Branch clearing
  • Mulching of leaves and unwanted grass clipping
  • Annual planting
  • Cultivation of flower beds
  • Edging and trimming
  • Turf aeration
  • Power washing and power sweeping of outdoor property and parking lots
  • Re-opening and testing of irrigation system

Don’t be disappointed with the appearance of your yard. We provide many services to get your yard looking great. Spring is a great time to upgrade your yard. Here are some things we can do to beautify your home:

  • Clean up leaves and sticks that have fallen during the winter
  • Dethatch your lawn
  • Trim bushes and shape shrubs
  • Tree Trimming Boston
  • Edge beds
  • Plant new shrubs, flowers, or trees
  • Install new mulch

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