With 14 years of experience, there is no service within Massachusetts that is parallel to that DeStefano Landscape provides. DeStefano makes every effort possible to provide its customers with an exceptional 24/7 service: all machinery is equipped with GPS, road supervisors, meticulous training with all employees, modified telephone system and website to communicated the current information on snow clearing services.

We modify all equipment to make sure the service is provided efficiently and effectively. All tractors have teflon installed under blower to ensure no damage to driveways or walkways.

We undertake all necessary means to clear the snow which allows clients to have full potential of their laneway during all hours of the day.

We have several machine configurations to meet all types of snow clearing needs.

All crews are equipped with plastic snow shovels and plastic edges blowers to ensure no damage to walkways or paths.

  • Front and back walkways
  • Driveways and garages

From the signing of your contract, the correct machine configuration will be assigned to you as necessary to perform the work as efficiently as possible.


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