Managing the risk inherent with snow and ice management services encompasses a series of pro-active steps prior to the occurrence of winter events, during actual events, and after events occurrences. We work diligently to reduce and manage risk for our customers by taking the following actions for each property:

  • Perform site inspections and risk assessments
  • Extensively train our associates and service providers on site-specific priorities and requirements
  • Create site-specific maps to indicate high snow storage locations
  • Track incoming storms utilizing state-of-the-art weather forecasting technology
  • Establish territories with managers for faster response to any issues that arise
  • Focus operations on high priority areas for each property
  • Monitor weather conditions throughout each event
  • Maintain communication with each driver, equipment operator, site captain, and territory manager
  • Communicate with our customers as needed to ensure optimization of strategy and resources
  • Maintain detailed records for each storm including weather data and event description
  • Follow strict incident reporting standards in the event any incident, regardless of severity
  • Consult with customers following events to ensure customer satisfaction

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