DeStefano Landscape offers a variety of mulch options for residential & commercial properties along with our other services. In addition to the beautiful fresh look of new mulch applied in the Massachusetts landscape, there are actually a lot of great benefits to refreshing your bark mulch.

  • Helps to keep unsightly weeds under control.
  • Keeps moisture where it belongs, in the root zone of your landscape plants.
  • Reduces and prevent erosion
  • Mulch breaks down into organic compost, improving the soil profile, and the health of the plants.
  • Keeps mowers away from the base of trees.
  • Moderates soil temperature fluctuations, protecting plant roots.
  • Hemlock
  • Dark Pine
  • Kids Safe Playground Chips
  • Red Hemlock Blend
  • Black Forest
  • Aged Hemlock
  • Landscape Red

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