DeStefano Landscape Services understands that tree pruning and tree trimming are an essential component to healthy, safe and structurally sound trees. There are several important reasons for tree pruning services and there are also different types of pruning and trimming practices.

We are the No.1 Massachusetts certified arborists helping customers with any type of tree care need. Trees serve multiple purposes on your property, saving you from the sun and providing a pleasing aesthetic. Performing routine maintenance on your trees is therefore essential to developing a beautiful sight. Our professional tree pruning service experts can diagnose problems and perform pruning services to ensure the health of the trees dotting your property.

  • Thinning tree to reduce size and weight
  • Removing weak, dying or dead limbs to increase safety
  • Improve shape or clearance to ensure trees are away from the house or other improvements
  • Cleaning of branches and structure to allow more light on lawn
  • Remove diseased, broken, and dead branches out of your property to prevent infection and promote healthy limbs
  • Removal of live branches increases sunlight exposure and air circulation
  • Protects against storm damage and dangerous falling limbs
  • Structural enhancement
  • Reduces potential for future problems when performed on young trees
  • Pruning
  • Tree Removal
  • Stump Removal
  • Stump Grinding
  • Log Splitting
  • Integrated Pest Management to reduce health risks to people and the environment
  • Post-Tree Removal Treatment to restore the ground.


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